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First day of orientation week at summer camp. I have a somewhat ambigious position for another year because while I’m the archery instructor, that isn’t really my whole job description. But I’m just getting to know the new staff and I like alot of them and it’s only four weeks, three of which when the kids are here will fly by.

For some reason when I was packing I was under the impression that Maine would be warm and dry, I don’t know why I thought that, I have been coming here for the past two summers so I have to give my mother a list of things to send me. I already soaked one pair of socks completey through standing out in a wet field in the rain teaching archery for three hours this morning. I don’t have a huge amount of things to get ready for the session in terms of that, just pull out all the old trash arrows and get rid of them and just make sure everything is neat and tidy for when I leave and other people have to take over. All my bow strings broke this morning and the ones that they ordered where the wrong size so I had to juryrig some with bowlines at the ends which actually worked quite well.

Well it’s dinner time. More later.


So I’m sort of broke (and I won’t be making as much this summer as I usually do), and I had wonderful knitting ideas for this summer and the rest of the year, especially in terms of my christmas knitting. But I think I’m going to have to put things on hold due to my not necessarily being able to afford to buy all the yarn I would need. So think there will have to be rearrangement of my knitting needs in the near future. Mum’s socks and the lace will have to come first and then I’ll try to use up the yarn I already have before starting anything new. 😦

I can’t wait until I have a job to finance my yarn addiction.

Being home is always a drag especially when it’s raining so I can’t even get out of the house to take a bike ride.  Hence the new blog 😉

I got my bike out of the shed yesterday for the first time since last August and went down the to library to take a look at their selection of knitting books. I was weak and gave in to me of telling myself to do what I always do and go down to Main Street to get ice cream. This may have been a blessing in disguise as either I’m used to better ice cream these days or Sweet n’ Crafty has gone down hill, I was quite disappointed in the chocolate peanut butter I tried which hopefully means I’ll steer clear in the future. A boone in my attempts to be healthier, get more exercise and hopefully lose some weight.

Along those lines, I have seemly suddenly become more coordinated and can actually swim now. I have always been able to swim but not properly in terms of doing strokes and so forth. But now that I seem to be able to, it’s actually quite enjoyable (and tireing) to go swimming with mum and do twenty laps seeing as I know it’s good exercise. I’m hoping I can drag mum away from her work enough to go again this afternoon.

Shiny, new blog!

I’ve never been entirely successfull at the whole bloging thing, but I’ll take a whack at it.

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