Being home is always a drag especially when it’s raining so I can’t even get out of the house to take a bike ride.  Hence the new blog 😉

I got my bike out of the shed yesterday for the first time since last August and went down the to library to take a look at their selection of knitting books. I was weak and gave in to me of telling myself to do what I always do and go down to Main Street to get ice cream. This may have been a blessing in disguise as either I’m used to better ice cream these days or Sweet n’ Crafty has gone down hill, I was quite disappointed in the chocolate peanut butter I tried which hopefully means I’ll steer clear in the future. A boone in my attempts to be healthier, get more exercise and hopefully lose some weight.

Along those lines, I have seemly suddenly become more coordinated and can actually swim now. I have always been able to swim but not properly in terms of doing strokes and so forth. But now that I seem to be able to, it’s actually quite enjoyable (and tireing) to go swimming with mum and do twenty laps seeing as I know it’s good exercise. I’m hoping I can drag mum away from her work enough to go again this afternoon.