First day of orientation week at summer camp. I have a somewhat ambigious position for another year because while I’m the archery instructor, that isn’t really my whole job description. But I’m just getting to know the new staff and I like alot of them and it’s only four weeks, three of which when the kids are here will fly by.

For some reason when I was packing I was under the impression that Maine would be warm and dry, I don’t know why I thought that, I have been coming here for the past two summers so I have to give my mother a list of things to send me. I already soaked one pair of socks completey through standing out in a wet field in the rain teaching archery for three hours this morning. I don’t have a huge amount of things to get ready for the session in terms of that, just pull out all the old trash arrows and get rid of them and just make sure everything is neat and tidy for when I leave and other people have to take over. All my bow strings broke this morning and the ones that they ordered where the wrong size so I had to juryrig some with bowlines at the ends which actually worked quite well.

Well it’s dinner time. More later.