There wasn’t enough wind today to justify going done to the boat so I discussed my needs for my dissertation and my dad and I went about getting together and building my quadrats and level. I feel like the quadrat is a little smaller than I’m used to, I think I’ve used 1/2 meter sqaures before rather than 1/4 but it makes it more portable. Everything we’ve made so that I can take it apart and fit it into my suitcase for when I head back over the pond. It’s a really good feeling to get things done finally for it. Now we need to just add the hardware for the level and drill holes for the wing nuts on the quadrat. I need to paint some rocks red (these won’t be going over the atlantic with me) and I’ll be all set, I”ve even gotten a measuring tape and a notebook.

We went down to Newport to watch the polo this evening. It was alot of fun and something quite different. All we want to do for next time is get seats closer to the pitch and actually understand the rules. Alot of the time we had no idea what was going on, it didn’t help that we couldn’t hear the announcer or see the score board. We’re pretty sure that the visiting team (from England) won.

I’m going to finally start on the second sock of the pair I started with my mom last April. She didn’t take to it quite as well as she could have, I don’t think her big hands are really suited to the intricacies of sock knitting. Anyhow I screwed up the foot length so they’re for my father now rather than her.