I can’t belive that I leave to go back to school tomorrow night. I’m not remotely near to being packed though I have everything I need. All I can do is hope that everything will fit in my suitcases, I have seemed to collect a bit more clothing than usual this year. I finally actually went clothes shopping and actually managed to find some tops that I liked so I’m good for that for the up coming year. I also managed to get myself an new pair of flats from Clarks and some running shoes, so that I actuall do ct5k.

Monday was my birthday and on Sunday night my brother and his girlfriend came down from Boston and we had a little party. It was very nice. The next day I went on a whale watch with my mother which I unfortunately have no pictures from because I forgot my camera at home. It was beautiful out and we got to see quite a few humpbacks.

PA190012 birthday roses

I had some more successfull days out at Beavertail where I hope I got enough data for the North American side of my dissertation. I lucked out majorly on the weather both days and got some calm days with relatively little seas.


I did say relatively. There were only a few time I had to scramble back to avoid getting wet, and evne then my feet got wet a few times. My shoes stink to high heaven from the salt water.

I neve finished the pair of socks for my dad, I tried but I only got to the end of the gusset decreases. It would hve only taken me about a day or two more so those will go bak across the Atlantic and I’ll send them home when I finish them at the end of next week (hopefully).

Tomorrow will be all packing and then it’s jetting off, it’s only a 6 hour flight so that’s nothing.