Being back at uni is strange, the moment you walk into town it feels like you were never away and whatever adventures you had in the intervening time are nothing but smoke and dreams, yet at the same time everything is changed and you run into these moments where things are the same yet so very different.

I had a good trip over but caught a stomach bug somewhere along the way which maybe for a hellish first night here and a few uncomfortable days. I’m over now thankfully but the whole thing set me behind in setting my life to rights and I still have all these little things that need to get done. I only just went and bought clothes hangers today, despite the fact that I’ve had things strewn across my room for the last week. I feel like I did a good purge last year and I have a lot less junk in my life, tons of more clothes I’m afraid and more shoes too, but less of the useless crap I used to have scattered around.

It’s going to be a busy semester, the one module I’ve had a class meeting for today is going to be a lot of outside work which while I’m looking forward to it, I’m worried about all the other parts of my life too. I’ll get to that when I can I suppose. I have to go into town to get my bike tires pumped up and prehaps buy a new bike lock, the key for the old one sort of snapped off, and then I’ll be off to my weather class.