At some point in the past few months I made plans to start running when I got back to uni this fall. It’s a great form of exercise that you can do just about anywhere and I’ve always said that I have bad ankles and that keeps me from being able to run. Well that’s just an excuse I figured. My friend Sarah found this site program c25k which builds you up over the course of 9 weeks to being able to run 5k. It’s designed for people who haven’t done any running before so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I bought running shoes right before coming over which were somewhat expensive so that was one motivation for me. Anyhow the weather just hasn’t been cooperating over the past few days and I finally got to go on my first run this morning. There is a link to podcasts on the site which essentially tell you when to walk and when to run and I really liked using them. It was harder than I thought it was going to be but it felt good when I was doing it and I’m really looking forward to going out again. It’s sort of like when I started playing the cello again back in second year, it felt so good to do it that I couldn’t get enough. I have two more runs to complete the first week which are the exact same as the one I did this morning and I hope/anticipate that they will get easier as I do them. It really makes me motivated and excited to go running again which seems like a really weird thing.