If I thought life was crazy before, it’s even crazier now. I’ve been run off my feet today, not running from one place to another for about 40 minutes tops and that was between engagements. I started out with two hours out by the beach for a field practical which was simply freezing, it didn’t help that I hadn’t really realized just how windy it was out. By the end of the exercise, my hands where blue. I then headed back to help someone with their stats until 2, though she did give me chocolate for helping and it’s good for me to go over things again, in my mind at least. Then it was back to my room to get ready for archery. Archery until 5, I managed to shoot a half Portsmouth, only 237 which isn’t very good but I’m just getting back to form, so it’s not that bad,¬†will just have to do better next time. Then ran into town for a meeting about PhDs which was very instructive and it seems that I might be able to get home fee classification afterall, makes me rethink New Zealand a little bit. Then ran over to the expand meeting, which I actually missed, but I’m not actually that bothered, I’m not sure if I even really want to do it this summer. Then back to Melville to get changed for Catherine’s dinner. Had a very nice time, it was good to see everyone even if Sally didn’t show which was sad as I really wanted to see her/give her her birthday card.

Anyhow, I have another action packed day tomorrow. To tell the truth, I enjoy the business though it makes it hard to do anything else, at least I’m not feeling as depressed as I did last week.