I’ve been doing alot of knitting recently so here are the pretty.

Pattern: Little Sister’s Dress by Tora Frøseth Design
Size: 18 months
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Grape (13) approx. 195 g
Needles: 2.75mm / US 2
I knitted this as a commission for my brother’s girlfriend for her niece. It’s the first garmet so to speak that I’ve ever knitted. I really liked the pattern, especially that it is competely seamless and knitted in the round. The collar construction is very clever and fun to see growing when you are knitting it. I found the endless stockinette to be a bit tedious but atleast it was mindless enough that I could easily knit while watching telly. I placed the increases for the skirt in a straight line so in the end they show up when the dress lies flat; if I were to ever knit this again I would place them so they are along the actual increase edge, this was mainly due to the fact that I’ve never knit anything like this before. I’m very proud of it and hope the recipient likes it too.