My word it’s been a while since I posted anything here. Life has been as usual lately: uni, archery and knitting. I finished lectures the first week of November so it’s been like an eternal reading week since then, when you have work but no strict commitments during the day which leads to a lack of motivation (the hardest thing is just getting up in the morning) and a lack of any real work getting down. As it is at this exact moment I have my final piece of work due for this semester on Friday and have I been working on it this evening? No, of course not. My plan is to get up early-ish tomorrow and start work, it’s not due until 4 so I should be fine. My running has fallen through in recent weeks mainly I believe due to the fact that it rained for the entire month of November and now it’s cold and dark all the time. I will try to get out more but it is a bit disheartening, especially as the last run I did do did not go very well and I think it had an adverse effect on making me want to go out running again.

The archery club has quieted down in recent weeks which is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because it doesn’t take up every waking hour of my day and actually a few of my sleeping ones as I’ve had archery club related dreams but it does mean that the number of people attending sessions has dwindled and I’m worried we’re going to be having the usual loss of novices. Despite this we did have two competitions in November, both of which we placed second as a team and personally I placed second in the ladies division. This of course is not saying much as there wasn’t a huge field in the first place. Currently I’m just working on my technique and tweaking a few bits of my equipment.

I’ve been knitting up a storm and there will soon be a FO post to show the pretty but currently its all hats for christmas for my family and academic children.