It’s raining again. I don’t really remember it raining this much in years past. Anyhow it was the perfect morning to sleep in, especially now that I’ve finished my work and don’t really have anything to actually get up for. So now between the knitting, I’m trying to force myself to go out in the cold, grey dreariness so that I can get the correct change so I can actually do my laundry.

In other news I had an amazing time at SUSCDF. My legs may disagree, are actually still disagreeing days later but it was a great amount of fun and what is even better in my mind is that I only sat out two dances of 19 so not as scary as say Highland Ball was last year. Though I’m worried that I’m going to have to miss the Highlnd Ball this year because I think it is on the same day as BUCS.

Well out into the cold I think, it’s not actively raining right now so it might be my chance. Until next time.