So I was bad and stopped by the yarn shop when I went into town to get water. They’re moving so there’s a massive sale on and it’s really good deals on nice yarn. So I was just browsing and came across some really nice cashmere and silk fingering which I could so see as a lovely shawl any how it was more expensive than I had money for at the time (though I am debating going back, it was lovely) so I settled for some orangey Rowan Natural Silk Aran which was so bad of me. I don’t need any more yarn and yet I still keep buying it! No 4 ply even if it is lovely 50% off cashmere and silk!

In other news I just got back from the pub with some friends for someone’s 18th birthday. It has been rocky at times this year in hall but I finally feel that I’ve met a good group of people who I feel comfortable with and can to some extent open up to. It’s a nice feeling.