Well I can’t believe that I’ll be going home in just three days, in some ways it feels like a long way away right now. I have finished all my christmas knitting that I actually have yarn to knit. The BlueCap will be finished in Jan but I successfully got all three other academic family hats done, the second of which I need to post about and should do later today. I gave them on Monday and they all seemed thrilled with them. That alone makes it all the worthwhile. I miraculously didn’t run out of the Ultra Alpaca on the Opus hat and I finished that last night. I will block it once I get home as I don’t think I have enough time to block it here and I have mildew growing on the floor in the corner and I’m a bit leery to do anything with wet stuff right now. Really need to tell someone about that, I only noticed it last night, it’s because the windows are having huge amounts of condensation, I think it might also be due to the fact that I have no heating in my room. Anyhow, more about the knitting. So I’ll do the TimTam for my mom next week, I’m going to have to make a last minute yarn run but the actual knitting shouldn’t take long and I won’t need to block it for her as she likes the beanie shape more than the tam. I’m not decided on what yarn is going home with me yet because I simply don’t know what to knit after I’ve finished everything. It’s between the Gretel and the Jaywalkers, both of which have been on my to knit list for a long time, I think I should do Gretel first because I have been putting off knitting that for the longest time and I’ll be some good use out of the actual knitting object once I get back to Scotland.

In other news, the archery club dinner went really well last night though we had some people cancel at the last minute and they need 24 hours for a cancellation so we still had to pay for them. It was sort of annoying because it then goes down to me to decide what to do and I just wasn’t in the deciding important things mood. I’ve come down with a cold since Monday (hopefully not mildew related) and just wasn’t feeling up to things last night. I’m feeling better this morning, no headache but I’m hoping I’ll be better before heading home.