It snowed today, as in frozen precipitation in the air. It didn’t stick or anything but it was glorious none the less. We also had a bought of freezing rain which was actually quite fun as it was big balls of stuff bouncing all over the place. More flurries are predicted for this afternoon/evening and then heavy (for the UK) snow on Saturday, so here’s hoping it doesn’t affect my flights out of Edinburgh or London. Actually looking out my window, there’s a little bit of snow coming down right now. If anything this makes me feel more Christmasy, especially when I was walking home after the freezing rain and all the streets are white, it looked like winter. I have my fingers crossed for a white Christmas this year. As I said before I can hardly believe I’m going home the day after tomorrow. My taxi is booked, my laundry is drying as we speak and all importantly, my Xmas cards have been written. Here’s proof:

Last night was the KnitSoc Christmas dinner which was a lot of fun but also more money than I would have liked to have spent, but entirely worth it I might add. I’m meeting up with a friend this afternoon for hot chocolate and then there’s the school of biology mince pies and mulled wine do which I’m planning on stopping by. Tonight is the MusSoc Chorus concert and I really need to go as I know a few people in the concert so that will be nice. And then tomorrow is packing and some dancing in the evening. All in all a very busy few days.