I’ve been doing the usual at home busy-ness. Already been the dentist (cavity am going back on monday to get it filled), doctor (twice, one more visit to go), etc. I have finally tracked down yarn for my mother’s Christmas hat. The shop in town was closed yesterday so I had to try a new one. The first one I tried was closed and seems to be actually closed down, which would be sad. The second one had a good selection and the woman there was very helpful when I explained what I needed. I ended up getting Ella Rae Jaspe Wool. There were only two balls left one of a blue-green and the other of a purple/red/green/navy which is very pretty so I grabbed them both. I’ll find something to make out of it. I have photographed the yarn so I will cast on tonight when I have some free time. There is almost no way that I will finish it before Christmas but that will have to be alright. I”m also finally blocking the opus hat so that should be done tomorrow and I can take pictures of it before Christmas day. I did the thing where you roll it in towels and press the water out, it really works, I’ll have to do that for other projects.

In other news I went to see Mama Mia in Boston last night and it was fabulous. I really enjoyed it. As much as I love the movie, seeing the musical has something very special about it, something that really touches you when you’re there. The actress who played Rosie was also really really good and got the biggest applause at the end.

Now I need to go help my mother cook.