So things to talk about

Christmas: I had a very nice Christmas. After much searching my mother and I finally found a carol service in Boston for Christmas Eve so we managed to drag my father along to the Old South Church. It was very enjoyable and not very religiousy which was good for us. Unfortunately we were sat right next to the low pipes of the organ and above the choir and percussion so the acoustics were a bit weird at times but over all very enjoyable and we’ll probably do it again in future years. Christmas day was enjoyable, I got a huge amount of books and the slippers from my brother which I sort of picked out but none the less very cozy (wearing them right now). It’s been lazing around for the past few days which had been nice. I’m not going to see any of my friends on this trip but I don’t usually see them so it’s not a huge loss.

Knitting: This is my knitting blog after all. Both of my hats for my brother and his girlfriend went over great, I need to post about the girl friend’s hat. I also finished the hat for my mother yesterday which I have to admit came out beautifully and is probably one of my favourite things I’ve knitted so far. I read on someone’s blog that their family has a tradition that they finish a project (usually something to do with a hobby) on New Year’s Eve and start a new one on New Year’s Day so I’ve decided that I like this tradition and I’m going to finish my Wisteria Vines lace scarf and then start the Silky Gretel. i think it’s a nice tradition and has the plus of forcing me to finish this scarf which I have now been working on for over a year. I finally calculated how much of that french yarn I have. I only have just over 700 yards as there’s about 141 per ball. Unfortunately that isn’t enough to knit the Sedum with it which I was hoping to do but after some ravelry searching I came up with the Shalom cardigan which I can add longer sleeves to and I think would go beautifully in the rustic red. In terms of knitting resolutions for the new year. I want to knit the two shawls I have lined up and do the Christmas presents that I have picked out and not leave them too late this year. I know for sure what I’m knitting for my brother but the gifts for my parents are still a little shaky. I also want to knit myself a jumper, owls to be particular seeing as I have the yarn, also I want to use up the yarn that I have and not buy too much yarn that I  don’t need.

In terms of other resolutions, I am going to get back to the running when I go back to school, I know now that if I stick with I can do it and I have almost 7 months to make it happen, I want to be in shape! Also get over my fears in terms of failure and schoolwork, etc. I am actually going to go see a therapist tomorrow to talk about it and I hope this will be a foot in the right direction. I want to work hard for once and feel good about how I’m doing at uni and not terrified that I’m not working hard enough. This also goes for working on my dissertation. I need to check tides and really keep on it all. Also despite a huge amount of work for archery coming up I need to give my committee more responsibility and/or make them give me a breather so I can focus on things like my dissertation and coursework. But most of all I need to remember that it is never too late to try something new and that if I really want something I can’t let anything especially fear stand in my way.