It’s back to the daily grind. I got back to Scotland last week with only a small amount of travelling trouble. My flight out of Heathrow was cancelled so I had the oh so lovely joy of taking a bus (which took about 10 hours) from London to Edinburgh. All in all, we got there in the end and there were enough of us on that bus coming up to St Andrews that it was easy enough to share a taxi. I’ve been sort of hibernating for the past few days trying to get over the jetlag (which I have), unpacking (completely finished last night), and generally just getting my head around having the do work again.

My one and only exam (praise be to God) is in a weeks time which simultaneously feels like a huge amount of time and absolutely no time at all. Because I finished lectures for this particular class back in November I can honestly say that I don’t really remember anything and revision will be more of a case of actually learning the stuff again than just going over it again. Though I bought the one of the textbooks recommended for the class as well as the Cloudspotter’s Guide so I am hoping that things will go fine, as long as I can make myself get down to some serious revising.

I haven’t been knitting a huge amount since the beginning of the year, the stress of packing and travelling and then the recent hibernation has led to my Gretel still not being done yet, though I only have 10 more rows to go now. I’m really hoping that I don’t run out of yarn. I did finish my lace scarf for the 31st and I will journal about it as soon as I take some photos, it has recently been quite snowy here and while the snow is melting away as we speak it has just been too cloudy for good photos. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be knitting once I finish the Gretel. I have a few things I want to knit and some stashbusting to do so it will be fun. I also need to do some spinning I haven’t done any large amount since before I left for the States.

I read two books over the holidays which I’m proud of, both bookrings so I’m getting those in the post today. I really enjoy it when I  do have a chance to read, need to do that more. of course then I get in to the knit or read predicament.