Yet more revising today. I had a bit of a block when it came to stability/instability which have actually just gotten smoothed out because I was under the impression that the rate of cooling of an uplifted air parcel was the ELR which it isn’t which now makes all the diagram make sense now. After my mother’s urging I purchased the textbook I should have bought the first time around with express shipping which means I should get it on Thursday. I’m a bit peeved with myself for having bought a wrong textbook in the first place but I thought that was the proper one to get, anyhow I will have all the tools for a good exam now, as long as I can really get down the revising. I think I should be good if I just take it one step at a time and really use all the supporting material to really understand everything.

In knitting news I took a little time out this evening to knit and I finished my Gretel. I really like it, it’s a gorgeous piece of knitwear and the yarn is luscious as anything. It’s quite a bit bigger than I thought it would be but i think that will be okay. I think I’m going to move on the Jaywalkers next as they’re an easily transportable project.