I had a slow start to my revision yesterday and had a lot of trouble dragging myself out of my room to get down to it. I also received the marks for one of my classes and it was not as good as I had hoped so that made a little blow to my confidence at this point. In reflection I’m fine with the mark that I got, on my wellie survey. Overall they said that my report was good but I left out some bits and truth be told the project was not very well conducted and I should have asked for more help in dealing with the issues that the results and conditions of the project. In the future I will try to ask for help more as it’s the only way I can really improve and it isn’t a weakness. So I’m okay with the grade, I didn’t try my best and it shows but that while unfortunate at this time can only be taken as a learning experience.

Anyhow I finally dragged myself out to town at about 6, walked to Beanscene only to find that I’d left my wallet with my money and my cash card back in my room. The thought of walking all the way back to get and then out again was almost too much (it’s a 10 minute walk one way) but luckily I ran into a friend who offered to lend me some money which I was sort of hoping would happen so I managed to have what felt to me a very productive revision session. I’ve covered alot of topics and feel comfortable with the majority of the concepts but I need to delve a bit more into the details so I can really bring it all together. I received the second text book today so I hope that it will help and I’m going to go to the library or Irvine and go print out some of the lecture slides for topics where my notes are horrendous. Overall I feel good about the whole thing.

Also I wore my Gretel yesterday, love that hat.