I had a bit of a lazy day holed up in my room and didn’t manage to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I have been working on my jaywalker socks which is a project a long time in the works. I bought the yarn to make those way back in June and had hoped to finish them over the summer, alas I didn’t and I started them yesterday. There’s something really exciting about starting a project that you’ve been meaning to knit for a while or finally using yarn that you bought ages ago. I’m half an inch from finishing the leg of the first sock so I should finish that and move on to the heel flap tomorrow.

As I think I said earlier, I don’t really feel like there’s anything more that I can do to revise for my exam tomorrow afternoon. I might review some terms and think about it a little tomorrow. But right now I’m for my bed and I will actually be getting up for breakfast in the morning, something that hasn’t happened for a while.