After what has seemed like cloudy grey weather ever since I got back the sun is finally out. I’m going to take this rare opportunity to go take some pictures of recent knits so keep your eyes open for those.

My revision is good as always, the exam is tomorrow afternoon and at this point I don’t really know what else I can do except just keep going over stuff. I’m not going to bother learning mid-latitude climate because I know I can’t teach it to myself in a way that I’ll actually know it and I think if I know everything else well it won’t matter if I don’t know that. I’ll let you know how the whole thing goes. During my revision session yesterday which was also a bit of dissertation discussion and whingeing about the geography department my friend suggested that I use the Orielton data as my second data set. If I am allowed to us it, it would save em having to go out and collect data here, it would be around the same time that I collected my US data and would have a stronger analytical result because it’s the same body of water. Now just the scary part of emailing my supervisor (who I haven’t spoken to since September) to tell him what I’ve come up with and then the head of biology to ask if I can use the data.

Anyhow, it’s sunny out and that’s all that matters right now.