And I’m off. Still nervous about Bangor, especially seeing as facebook just told me that the friend I’m staying with’s 21st birthday is tomorrow when I’m staying over. Awkward much? Anyhow I have had to remind myself that I’m making assumptions, a) that I am not really welcome b) that it will be awkward and c) that I’m not really going to have a good time there. I need to remind myself these things are probably not true. She told me I could come, if she didn’t want me to she could have make some excuse. It might be awkward it might not I won’t know until I go. If I go into it thinking I won’t have a good time then I won’t. Focus on tonight which will be fun and let everything else fall into place. With that I really should be running, I need to run by the AU, the post office and Tesco before meeting An for the bus.