I finally managed to take FO pictures today, it’s sad considering that I finished the lace over a month ago now and only got the chance to photograph it today. I also managed to take some yarn shots which I’m fairly proud of. some louet

and some silky summer type yarn

Since finishing my socks I’ve been working on the Juliet Scarf which is a lace scarf using Adriafil Carezza an angora blend. Despite my hating scarves the lace which is a 12 row repeat works pretty fast so it grows considerably, I’m about a third of the way in and hope that I finish before the start of the Ravelympic next week. The only issue being that after any time knitting with the yarn it looks like a aqua toned rabbit has been sitting on my lap. I’m excited about the Ravelympics (and the real Olympics too!), I just missed taking part last time around as I’d only just started knitting at that point. I am a member of Team GB and have four projects lined up. I’m going to finish the BlueCap which was some Christmas knitting, knit Thorpe for Jane, knit Gretel for Michelle and knit another Turn a Square as stashbusting. After that it’s on to even more lace with the Swallowtail and Ishbel waiting to be knit.

I’ve been doing my running pretty seriously, I’m already on to week 2 and should be finishing it on Sunday morning. It is still hard but I suppose it’s the good sort of hard that makes you feel really good about yourself when you finish. The problem I’ve been running (hah) into lately is that it’s pretty cold out when I go to run and my ears and hands get cold. I don’t really want to wear a full hat as I think it would make me overheat so I’m thinking about knitting Calorimetry to keep my earsies warm. Someone also mentioned getting fingerless or convertible mittens to keep your hands warm. And though I can knit myself a pair (and am planning to) I found a pair at Accessorize on sale so now I have a pair of very stylish gloves for running in. The weather has been holding out during the last week and it’s really nice now that the sun is starting to rise earlier. I think it was a great idea to start the running again. It always upset me a little that I didn’t make it very far when I tried before but I will do it now.

In other news archery has started up again which is great but also frustrating. We are hosting the novice championships this weekend which at least gives me something to do. I’ve spent a good portion of the evening coming up with an excel file which should rank all the archers and calculate the team scores with us only having to put in the scores once. The only problem being that I am still waiting on two teams to tell me their numbers so I can’t be totally ready yet. I have hope for our novices the two that have been at training have been doing well unfortunately we won’t have a team to rely on if someone doesn’t do well as teams like Edinburgh or Napier can do. I’ve been practising on the 40 cm targets to get ready for BUTC which is not only a bit over a week away. It definitely gets you to focus in on something which is so much smaller but it’s frustrating when as I did today I just kept missing. I always have to remind myself that practise is for getting your muscles ready and that I always shoot better in competition, it’s just that extra bit of focus and concentration brought on by the pressure of performing that is missing during practise.

Also after days of wracking myself over this I finally emailed my supervisor. I started to write the email and realized I really need to speak with him in person otherwise I just won’t be able to explain myself in an email so I asked to meet with him either this or next week. Hopefully I can explain the situation clearly and not get too nervous. I have to remember that he is actually there to help me.