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Meeting with maths support tomorrow so I can hopefully finalise what I’m doing with my analysis, make a decision and just go for it. I wish that had been done days ago but what can you do. I managed to sort of normalise some data today by doing a log log transformation but that was without the zeros, which are always going to skew my data. I also did total species counts today which might be an interesting analysis and low and behold that data is actually normal, and across all sites as well, combined with my shannon index which is almost normal I might be able to do at least one ANOVA in my paper.

I took my personal statement to the careers people and they said that it was good, ticked all the boxes for what a statement should and was very readable. The only problem it would seem is that its a little bit long, being just a touch over two pages. I need to try to cut it down to two pages and then it should be great. Just condensing a few sentences here and there. So email for references do that and I’m good to go.

Other news, it looks like it might be sunny tomorrow so I’m going to try to get out for a run, first week 5 in c25k, bit worried about the five minutes but I CAN do it, I just need to go and just do it. Like the nike commercial.

Also finished the budding lace on my Swallowtail. Feels good to get a fairly large portion of it done. I only did 14 repeats, mainly because I don’t like huge shawls but also that what the pattern I have asks for and I’m worried that if I do more the next pattern might be harder to follow. I’m a bit worried about doing the nupps but hey just go for it. I’ll keep you posted about what happens with that.


Bit of a better start today, got some general stuff done, wrote a letter, cleaned up my room a bit. It’s horrible nasty weather out, wind and rain and cold so it’s taking a bit of will power to force myself to face going out in it.

Last week wasn’t the most productive in terms of the dissertation but I did manage to find and read a few papers that have helped me towards what I’m hoping will be what I’m really getting at. I got quite a lot done today though, all 155 shannon index calculations though I’m trying to get my data normal which isn’t very easy. Hopefully I can get an earlier start tomorrow.

I worked on my personal statement over the weekend with my parents’ help and I’m much happier with it, I think it comes across much more interesting now than before and I managed to put a little humor and passion in too. I’ll take it along to the careers centre tomorrow and see what they think. Then just email my references and I can start to get applications out.

That’s about it for now. I haven’t been running for a week, rain then a cold now more rain and so much work. Hopefully I can get one in soon I miss it and it does make me feel good about myself when I do it. Also not much knitting going on at the moment. I’m on the last two repeats of the budding lace pattern and then it’s nupp time which is a bit daunting. Maybe will get some of that done this week. Now I should go to bed, the time change yesterday has sort of gotten to me, doesn’t feel as late as it is.

Haven’t really been as productive as I’d like lately. I think it’s part of the fact that I don’t really know what I want out of my data, though I’ve been reading papers and seem to have a bit of an idea. I really want to get it done so I can start writing, I’m getting really stressed at this point.

Any how to bed, run in the morning,

Had a good morning of shooting. Shot  222 with 2 golds and 29 hits for a Bray, my new pb on that round and did a total of four dozen for the whole session with a score of 358. I’m pretty pleased, especially as it’s one of our last sessions indoors.

Also got some more work on the dissertation done, mainly sorting through the Angle Bay data Annika gave me. It’s got good stuff and will make for a better comparison than Manorbier. Still trying to muddle my way through the best way to analyze. Will do more tomorrow.

Now I’m off to the geography pub quiz.

Okay so I said that Icing Swirls would take me a week. More like an evening of concentrated knitting effort. Of how I love bulky yarn and big needles. The construction is very simple and I like the i-cord start. It has less drape than I would like, I think that’s the result of the wool I used versus the alpaca the original is in. Blocking usually adds a little drape into things. I’m also not quite sure about the brim, something I’m not a fan of in top down hats. When I first bound off it was way too tight so I bound off on 8 mm needles (really the only thing bigger I had) and it’s still a little tight, I’m thinking about redoing the bind off again but I’m worried it will become too loose. Then again, blocking might be able to sort it out. Anyhow, what I meant to put across. Hat done, regular scheduled knitting continues.

Finally got those pictures taken. There’s really nice light at the moment even for taking pictures inside which is what I’m sort of forced to do at the moment. It’s nice to finally have pictures on my Ravelry project page rather than just the balls of yarn, pretty as they are. In other knitting news, my swallowtail is coming along though I messed up half a row in the budding lace repeat because I misread the pattern and did the wrong set up stitches, at least I know what I did and it hopefully shouldn’t show too much. Fingers crossed on that.

Annika has commissioned me do a hat for her, lucky for she has supplied the yarn and it’s The Icing Swirl Hat  from Whimsical Little Knits so I have the pattern too. I ordered needles the other day and they came today so I will start on that soon. From what I hear it’s a pretty quick knit so maybe a week or so, knitting at half speed that I usually do.

Other news, went running this morning. I’m on week 4 of c25k which is 3 minutes, walk for 90 sec then run for 5 minutes. I’m on the second day repeating the week because I was having trouble getting up to the full five minutes. I almost did it today, I only took one walking break and only 10-20 seconds at that in each five minute interval. I think I can push myself next time and do the whole five minutes. It’s nice to see myself make this sort of progress and know that if I keep at it I’ll be able to run longer and longer times. And then I can start trying for things like distance and pace. I’ve joined and have been keeping track not just of my running but also my daily walking and other exercise. It’s a really nice way to look at your fitness in general. Also it’s amazing that I walk about 2-5 miles just in an average day between walking back and forth between town.

I should probably go now and go into town and do some work on the dissertation. I’m not working as hard as I could, especially as I’m not of in a muddle at the moment about what to do about my Manorbier data. It’s all the totals for the stations when what I really need is the actually quadrat data. It just means that my sample size is really small and if I try to expand it by splitting up the totals it is just homogenizing a very heterogeneous environment and it won’t give me results that represent reality. I might go and ask Will on Monday, I hear tears work well.

Also need to do some revision of the personal statement and take it in for Monday, and email about references. Gosh, so much to do. I can do it, never fear.

Winter Calorimetry

Pattern: Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf

Yarn: Adriafil Mistero in 31 approx. 35 g

Needles: 5 mm / US 8

When I was running in the more wintry months I found my ears would get a bit cold. I didn’t like the idea of wearing a full hat so I thought I would make on of these for running. Because I used a bulky yarn (leftovers from my Thorpe) I cast on 110 stitches and did 11 short row repeats. It’s the perfect size and just stretches to 22 inches, right around my ears. I need to block it and get a button, but now that spring is finally here there isn’t much of a rush. A very neat and satisfying project. Also part of Ravelympics.

Sunset Square

Pattern: Turn a Square by Jared Flood

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Homestead in 100 approx. 34 g

Trendsetter Yarns Tonalita in Sunset (2348) approx. 14 g

Needles: 4 mm / US 6, 4.5 mm / US 7

One of my goals this year is to use up leftover yarn and it seemed like the perfect way to do so was by knitting on of these hats for the Ravelympics. I like the way the colours turned out. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this, I have an awful lot of hats now so I might give it away and yet I really like the way it turned out.

Gretel in the Forest

Pattern: Gretel by Ysolda Teague

Size: Fitted

Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool Aran in Forest (686) approx. 80 g

Needles: 4 mm / US 6 , 4.5 mm / US 7

I promised a friend of mine a hat and I bought the wool way back in November. I decided to knit another Gretel and knit this in just 4 days for the Ravelympics. Unfortunately I went to try it on after I’d finished and fell madly in love with the thing. Suffice to say, my friend didn’t get her hat and I’ve worn it quite a bit. I like to stuff my braid up into it and out of the way but after a few wearings, the cast on and ribbing starts to stretch out a bit. I will probably try to block them back in at some point. A really lovely pattern, Ysolda is a genius of course.

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