So I wasn’t convinced yesterday morning about my ability to get a high score at the champs. My sighters weren’t particularly good and I figured I would shoot an average score. First half dozen and I’d gotten a 52, by the end of my first dozen I had 106. For some reason I was just on form and shot a new personal best, and above my season goal: 521 with 12 golds. This score was also high enough to get me the bronze for ladies recurve, my second individual medal and the first one that I felt I truly earned as I won the Silver Arrow bronze by default. It was a really great feeling, I’ve had some really great successes in the past few competitions, between BUTC, coming in second at the H2H and now this. I hope I can shoot just as well if not better at BUCS next weekend and if possible get a better position than the 24th I got last year, which is still awesome. If I can do it, it will be a great way to finish my time on the St Andrews archery team. And I checked and all the unis I’m looking at for masters are sending a team to BUCS so I will hopefully continue shooting next year. It’s amazing how you feel about things when you are doing well in them. Earlier this year I was thinking that it would be okay if I took some time off from archery, that it isn’t so important to me. And then I shot like I did yesterday or like I did this morning (all 9s on a 40cm target but if it were a 60 than that would be a 10-10-10) and it re-enthuses me and makes me believe that I can really do this.