Okay so I said that Icing Swirls would take me a week. More like an evening of concentrated knitting effort. Of how I love bulky yarn and big needles. The construction is very simple and I like the i-cord start. It has less drape than I would like, I think that’s the result of the wool I used versus the alpaca the original is in. Blocking usually adds a little drape into things. I’m also not quite sure about the brim, something I’m not a fan of in top down hats. When I first bound off it was way too tight so I bound off on 8 mm needles (really the only thing bigger I had) and it’s still a little tight, I’m thinking about redoing the bind off again but I’m worried it will become too loose. Then again, blocking might be able to sort it out. Anyhow, what I meant to put across. Hat done, regular scheduled knitting continues.