Meeting with maths support tomorrow so I can hopefully finalise what I’m doing with my analysis, make a decision and just go for it. I wish that had been done days ago but what can you do. I managed to sort of normalise some data today by doing a log log transformation but that was without the zeros, which are always going to skew my data. I also did total species counts today which might be an interesting analysis and low and behold that data is actually normal, and across all sites as well, combined with my shannon index which is almost normal I might be able to do at least one ANOVA in my paper.

I took my personal statement to the careers people and they said that it was good, ticked all the boxes for what a statement should and was very readable. The only problem it would seem is that its a little bit long, being just a touch over two pages. I need to try to cut it down to two pages and then it should be great. Just condensing a few sentences here and there. So email for references do that and I’m good to go.

Other news, it looks like it might be sunny tomorrow so I’m going to try to get out for a run, first week 5 in c25k, bit worried about the five minutes but I CAN do it, I just need to go and just do it. Like the nike commercial.

Also finished the budding lace on my Swallowtail. Feels good to get a fairly large portion of it done. I only did 14 repeats, mainly because I don’t like huge shawls but also that what the pattern I have asks for and I’m worried that if I do more the next pattern might be harder to follow. I’m a bit worried about doing the nupps but hey just go for it. I’ll keep you posted about what happens with that.