It has turned out to be a beautiful day out, unlike what they were forecasting so I managed to get out for a run this morning. I’m on day 2 of week 5, the 8 minute runs. Didn’t happen this morning, but I’ll just keep working at it and I’ll get them eventually, hey I can do the five minutes now which took a while.

Other news, maths support wasn’t much help but I’ve managed to figure things out myself and am just going ahead with the non parametric tests. I caught an error in one of my calculations yesterday, I had accidentally misplaced Mytilus edulis with Carcinus maenus in my non grazing mollusc group which mean all my shannon weaver calculations were also wrong. So fixed the group calculation and redid all 85 shannon calculations. I’m in the process of redoing my stats which I have the syntax for so it’s fine but I need to go through them all and figure out what they mean. Will go spend another day crunching numbers in the lab. I really need to get the analysis done so I can start writing.

As it’s Easter, I’m meeting up with some friends for lunch and then going to a movie just to give us a little bit of a mind break and it’s nice to spend some time with friends.