So I finally sent the emails to my references, something that I should have done three weeks ago but for some reason just couldn’t get myself to do, it wasn’t that hard though it did take about an hour to compose a simple email outlining what masters I’m applying to and how the references need to be done. But I bit the bullet and I did it so now I can sort of relax and not have that hanging over my head, means I need to get the Southampton and Exeter apps in now but whatever should have done it earlier, can’t change past only move forward.

In other realms haven’t been for a run in two weeks, the whole motivation/busyness plus being exhausted all of last week hasn’t helped. Also my earphones went so I have to go buy new ones.

In knitting news, Annika loves her hat (Kumquat Swirls) so that makes me happy. Blocking worked wonders for it, stretched out the brim some so it fits comfortably now and added really lovely drape where it was a bit stiff before. I forgot to take pictures of it before I gave it too here but I’m hoping to meet up with her this week and take some pictures so post up about that soon.

The Swallowtail is also blocked and absolutely beautiful, sometimes I look at it and can’t believe that I made that. Going to go take pictures today. Also the fingerless gloves are coming along nicely, I’ve finished the first one except for the thumb. The patterning, even the bobbles is very easy and I knit the majority last night. I used an elastic bind off because I was worried about the hand part being too tight, unfortunately it’s a bit loose and wonky, I can probably block it into something a bit more neat looking but I’ve learned my lesson, which is what don’t these things does.

Otherwise we had our end of year archery dinner last night which was very nice, the club gave me chocolate 🙂 Bit sad to be leaving and ending things but that’s life I suppose.