Today is the two year anniversary of my joining Ravelry. In many ways it also represents my involvement in knitting as to me Ravelry equals knitting. Knitting has become in the intervening time a major part of my life, I joke that yarn has become my vice and knitting my addiction, though that isn’t too far off the truth. It’s something I take great pleasure and joy out of, and it’s one of the few things  that I have found which I am just naturally good at. Being a part of knitting and of Ravelry has also opened up a number of doors for friendships and connections which I would have never had before from my KnitSoc friends to my lovely fiber pen pals. The chance in the future to make connections at knitting events makes me feel like I’m part of one big knitting family. So if you knit and you’ve never heard of Ravelry head over to and give it a try because it’s pretty amazing.

To mark this occasion I decided to finish my Ishbel so in a last push while finally watching Strike Back I finished tonight, and it’s lovely. Future posts on that.