My boss asked me to knit her a pair of socks after she saw the Leyburns I knitted last month (pictures and info soon), she said she’d pay for the yarn and as she is my boss I took the deal. As I finished my Ishbel last night I started to brainstorm a pattern and yarn for her. She’s sort of funky but also a very conservative dresser and outdoorsy person. I settled on the Arch-shaped socks that I’ve looked at for a while, I’ll probably knit it with the mods for more ribbing. I thought it would look nice in some Malabrigo Sock with that subtle variation in colour that I love. So I go to the Webs site and find some really nice Araucania Wool/Silk/Bamboo for about the same price. Then I found some other really beautiful yarns discounted (I love Webs) but I managed to restrain myself as I am going to go to the brick and mortar store once I get home. I did get some Rancho discounted in green as I don’t have a green pair of socks yet.