Long long day today. Five hours in the lab and one hour of lectures. I came home early at 4 cleaned up the kitchen than went for a run.

That went well, I’m glad I went out. Did a week three run from C25K to ease myself in as it’s been a month since I last ran. The weather was perfect not too warm, a bit of late afternoon sun and a little breeze. Went really really well, I even added on about three minutes at the end and ran all the way home.

I’ve spent the intervening five hours finishing my cladogram which we”re all completely and utterly stressed about. I’m finished it and I’m not even thinking about it. I need to get up slightly earlier in the morning to put the recycling out and really just need to go to sleep.

For some reason our internet has not been working all afternoon. I managed to fix it by flicking the switch to the netgear on and off. It now seems that the network has been compromised by some virus so I need to scan it tomorrow. That and calling the university about my fees.

Too much to do, definitely not enough time to do it in.