So something had been bothering me lately.

I can’t sing.

I mean I can physically but not in a manner which I find suitable.

Now being not able to sing and the reason I can’t sing has always bothered me because frankly I would love to be able to sing and I was denied the possibility.

When I was ten years old I was in fourth grade which in my town was the age that you started taking part in music groups like the orchestra or chorus (the wind band you started in 5th grade). I decided to learn how to play the violin in the orchestra which was great. I also wanted to sing so I went along to the chorus practice. I only got to go to about two practices before I was told that because I was in the orchestra I wasn’t allowed to be in the chorus as well. Because I was 10 years old I didn’t say anything about it and it seemed fairly trivial to stop going to the chorus practices. But what that action at such a young age did was cement in my mind that I couldn’t and shouldn’t try to sing.

Three years later I switched schools and instruments, this time to the cello which I still play more or less until today (though for a number of reasons I haven’t played in about two years). At this new school I was in the orchestra but because I wasn’t in two musical groups I had to take a music appreciation course because obviously being a cellist was not musically aware enough.

The point I’m trying to make in this little rant is that in one system I was discouraged from attempting to be literate in two forms of musical expression for whatever reason whereas in another I was viewed as lacking because I was constrained to one musical type. And frankly I feel a little cheated that I lost the opportunity to sing and learn to sing from an early age.