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I cooked a rather fabulous quiche last night of which I’m actually very proud as it’s the first quiche I’ve made myself. The crust didn’t work completely as planned – if I make another one I need to get some beans to use as weights so the blind baking works better. But very tasty and I have lunch and dinner for the next three days!

I finished the body of the owls the other night (I’ll need to get a picture) and it fits which is a miracle. I casted on the first sleeve last night and it’s going along well though might be side tracked soon for school work.

Otherwise, haven’t run alot lately as I’m letting my knee rest though I plan to go out this evening and I’m doing my utmost to get this stupid essay done.


To finish this essay or not to finish this essay, that is the question. Mainly it’s been the not for the past week despite my many failed attempts to move forward from the introduction. At least I have a week still but I want to get it done now!

Selbu Shetland

Pattern: Selbu Modern byKate Gagnon Osborn

Yarn: JC Rennie Unique Shetland in Laurel approx. 26 grams

and JC Rennie Supersoft Cashmere in Lissa approx. 6 grams

Needles: 2.75 mm / US 2 and 2 mm / US 0

I’ve wanted to knit this hat for ages. I mean it’s absolutely beautiful, the delicate colourwork in fingering weight wool is stunning. I felt the earthy tones and wooliness of the Rennie yarn would work well and I think it’s less of a polished type of hat and has more of a rustic old world charm which is what I was going for.  I’m very very pleased with this hat though it took forever.

I was initially worked that it was coming out too small but the miracles of blocking me that it is comfortably drying over a dinner plate so I hope that it will fit comfortably over my head as well.

I don’t know if I will knit this again, maybe but not for a very very very long time.

I finished the Selbu! and it is awesome.

Also I can almost just run 8 minutes.

Today sort of rocked in some ways.

In other ways, say a 239 for a half portsmouth not so much.

But new hat and running! happy!

So denying a child’s opportunity to try something new, not so cool.

but this article about a knitting club in Toronto where a quarter of the members are boys who are encouraged and don’t care if other boys don’t think knitting is cool is all types of awesome.


So something had been bothering me lately.

I can’t sing.

I mean I can physically but not in a manner which I find suitable.

Now being not able to sing and the reason I can’t sing has always bothered me because frankly I would love to be able to sing and I was denied the possibility.

When I was ten years old I was in fourth grade which in my town was the age that you started taking part in music groups like the orchestra or chorus (the wind band you started in 5th grade). I decided to learn how to play the violin in the orchestra which was great. I also wanted to sing so I went along to the chorus practice. I only got to go to about two practices before I was told that because I was in the orchestra I wasn’t allowed to be in the chorus as well. Because I was 10 years old I didn’t say anything about it and it seemed fairly trivial to stop going to the chorus practices. But what that action at such a young age did was cement in my mind that I couldn’t and shouldn’t try to sing.

Three years later I switched schools and instruments, this time to the cello which I still play more or less until today (though for a number of reasons I haven’t played in about two years). At this new school I was in the orchestra but because I wasn’t in two musical groups I had to take a music appreciation course because obviously being a cellist was not musically aware enough.

The point I’m trying to make in this little rant is that in one system I was discouraged from attempting to be literate in two forms of musical expression for whatever reason whereas in another I was viewed as lacking because I was constrained to one musical type. And frankly I feel a little cheated that I lost the opportunity to sing and learn to sing from an early age.


School: working hard as usual, or most of the time trying my hardest to work hard but mostly getting side tracked with online games and videos of Glee routines on youtube. We submit out project choices tomorrow, a very nerve wrecking time for all. I have no idea if anyone else is going for my first choice, two of my flatmates are going for the partner project to mine and I would love to work with either of them (and they have cars which will make my life of so much easier) but I haven’t heard anything about people wanting to do mine. Also weighing up the pros and cons of future career choices or PhD subjects in relation to these choices adds a bit more strength to the panic.

Been striving to get some work done on my fisheries essay but it just won’t come, I will try my damnedest this weekend, but then again working this hard to start an essay more than two weeks before it’s due is a pretty good development. Of course haven’t done jack all for the EIA.

York: Had a really nice weekend in York with C and A. A’s job is going wonderfully and I’m really looking forward to going to visit her at some point. The panto was wonderful though I will admit I didn’t find it as funny as previous years, I think I preferred the old lead boy. Spent too much money but had a lovely time, especially as I won’t be seeing my friends for some time now.

Knitting: Haven’t really done much, the whole school thing always makes it so I don’t do much. I’m still working on the Selbu Modern with Owls languishing in my knitting bag waiting for me to be done with the fingering weight hat. I will strive to finish the Selbu soon. I did manage to take pictures of the mystery socks and to post about both them and my mother christmas shawl so that’s a good thing. Hopefully I will be done soon and have more to talk about. No spinning has been done since November, should do a little of that as well, I probably only have about a week’s worth before plying.

Running: I ran on Jan 1st because it was nice and warm and lovely. Unfortunately the rest of that week was cold and horrible and then I got back to Wales and was jet laggy and depressed. I finally forced myself to go on Tuesday and went for another tonight. When I force myself to go it’s great and I’ve can run 5 minutes straight now with no problems but it does take a bit of effort to force myself to go, I almost didn’t tonight. I’m hoping to keep it up, I think I’m going to move on to week 5 in my next run.

Archery: I sheared the tip off my pressure button before Christmas for the second time so I had to purchase a new one. Last night I moved my nocking point down as it was looking out of alignment with my rest and I’m also changing my draw slightly so with all that my shooting has been a little erratic. Though that said, the changes to my technique my coach is making is actually working and I shot a lot better last night than I had been shooting before Christmas. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get together a team for BUTC which sucks as I would really like to go but oh well, that’s life and the problem of going to a club that only has three recurves. At least there will be BUCS.

Castle Ness Shawl

Pattern: Dover Castle Shawl by Judy Marples

Yarn: Belle Epoque Silk Sock in Loch Ness approx. 63 grams

Needles: 3.75 mm / US 5

This shawl was my mother’s Christmas gift this year. I had originally decided to knit her a pair of socks with this yarn but coming off the Falling Leaves socks I couldn’t really face knitting more so I settled on this beautiful shawl.

The pattern is really well written, knits up quite fast and I really enjoyed knitting it. The silk content in the yarn gave it a beautiful sheen and a heaviness that made knitting with it heavenly. When I started I was a little worried that the variegation in the yarn would hide or distract from the beautiful lace but I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t. I plan on knitting another at some point in a subtle variegated yarn.

This pattern was also number 8 on my 10in2010 list and the last project I completed from that list.


Falling Leaves

Pattern: TTL Mystery Sock 2010 by Kristen Kapur

Yarn: Cascade Heritage Paints in Fall Foliage (9801) approx. 63 grams

Needles: 2.75 mm / US 1 1/2

I finished these socks ages ago and it’s taken me until today to actually get pictures of them. These took a embarrassingly long time to knit, mainly because they got hit by two rather large assignments which curtailed most of my knitting.

I knit these magic loop two at a time so I could keep up with the pattern as it was released. The method is surprisingly easy once you have about a inch, the first few rows are a bit difficult. The other great upside is that once you’re done you’ve actually got two wearable socks and there’s no second sock syndrome.

Overall I think I sort of enjoyed knitting these, this was one of my very very few spontaneous knits where I saw the pattern, thought I have yarn and decided to knit it. Most of my projects are meticulously planned months, if not years in advance. The never ending cabling was a little hard not to mention the fact that these languished on the needles for way too long. But they’re done, they’re pretty and they keep my feet warm so I can’t really complain.

Wow, hello again. Really did not mean to disappear like that. Life has been a little crazy the last few months getting my teeth into my course. I’m going to try in the coming months to infuse my life with more balance so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

Overall things are good, done less of everything it seems; running, knitting, spinning…. living than I thought I would have. I’m currently knitting the lovely Selbu Modern in splendid Rennie wool. It’s nice and wool but like a boob I forgot the second ball of the green so it won’t get finished for the end of December like I had hoped. The Owls pullover will get started as soon as I knit as far as I can on the hat. I knit my mother a beautiful shawl for Christmas which I will take pictures of soon. I have a few things to talk about knit wise.

Running went blah. It was great through October, November was all Shell Islanded up and then we hit the Big Freeze (on both sides of the Atlantic) so I haven’t really gotten as much done as I would have liked. I’m resolved to go back and run like nobody’s business and actually get this thing done. It actually makes me feel pretty good about myself and with the days becoming longer I will eventually get to run in the daylight again.

Otherwise not much going on, I will try to post more often.

A little snow

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