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The week started out pretty well and then went from the high that was the weekend to an absolute low the last few days. I just felt like everything I tried to do didn’t turn out well and a complete sense of confusion about life. Had a few very long days of walking out to the estuary to watch birds that either didn’t deem to show up or flew away a half hour into our sample and we had to give up. This is also mind you after a five mile walk in the cold with blisters. We did manage to hitch a lift from Outhead with some very nice old ladies who I think enjoyed the novelty of talking to some new people. Crap data, but that’s science for you. I will not be doing focal samples of birds for my final project, not unless I can work with someone who has a car.

In terms of crappiness of the week, archery really hit a low, I think it’s a combination of being tired and having tons of stress and archery which is supposed to be my stress relief just added to the stress this week and just makes me hate having to do it. I’m going to Dundee to shoot tomorrow and I’m going to make it as best I can but I am going to take a little break form it next week and not go to sessions. One because I need to do some much needed work on my dissertation now that I have all the data but also because I just need a break, mainly from the responsibility. I also managed to turn up almost an hour late to a lecture yesterday because for some reason I thought it was at noon and it was only half way there (of a 2 mile walk) that I realized the class was at 11. I almost never do things like that and it makes me feel very out of control of life. I’m probably going to do some therapy sessions over skype as it really helped last time and I really do need to make some changes with how I deal with and go about periods like this.

On an up side, I do feel better today. I had a relatively good day. It was sunny this morning when I went to class and then it snowed this afternoon. Good proper snow as well. It’s been quite cold over the last few days so the ground was cold enough for it to stick. It’s quite pretty right now though a lot of it has frozen into ice. Snow just makes me smile and I had fun trying to catch snowflakes with my tongue. I also went dancing tonight for the first time since before the break. It was really great to get back into it. I really enjoy the classes and also the people. I will definitely make an effort to make it to the advanced class on Sunday.

Well that’s it for me tonight, I need to get a good night’s sleep before tomorrow.


It snowed today, as in frozen precipitation in the air. It didn’t stick or anything but it was glorious none the less. We also had a bought of freezing rain which was actually quite fun as it was big balls of stuff bouncing all over the place. More flurries are predicted for this afternoon/evening and then heavy (for the UK) snow on Saturday, so here’s hoping it doesn’t affect my flights out of Edinburgh or London. Actually looking out my window, there’s a little bit of snow coming down right now. If anything this makes me feel more Christmasy, especially when I was walking home after the freezing rain and all the streets are white, it looked like winter. I have my fingers crossed for a white Christmas this year. As I said before I can hardly believe I’m going home the day after tomorrow. My taxi is booked, my laundry is drying as we speak and all importantly, my Xmas cards have been written. Here’s proof:

Last night was the KnitSoc Christmas dinner which was a lot of fun but also more money than I would have liked to have spent, but entirely worth it I might add. I’m meeting up with a friend this afternoon for hot chocolate and then there’s the school of biology mince pies and mulled wine do which I’m planning on stopping by. Tonight is the MusSoc Chorus concert and I really need to go as I know a few people in the concert so that will be nice. And then tomorrow is packing and some dancing in the evening. All in all a very busy few days.

It’s raining again. I don’t really remember it raining this much in years past. Anyhow it was the perfect morning to sleep in, especially now that I’ve finished my work and don’t really have anything to actually get up for. So now between the knitting, I’m trying to force myself to go out in the cold, grey dreariness so that I can get the correct change so I can actually do my laundry.

In other news I had an amazing time at SUSCDF. My legs may disagree, are actually still disagreeing days later but it was a great amount of fun and what is even better in my mind is that I only sat out two dances of 19 so not as scary as say Highland Ball was last year. Though I’m worried that I’m going to have to miss the Highlnd Ball this year because I think it is on the same day as BUCS.

Well out into the cold I think, it’s not actively raining right now so it might be my chance. Until next time.

I’ve been working really hard this week to get in the report for my wellington boot survey done. It was the last piece of assessed work for the semester so I don’t have to write anything else until January. It feels sort of strange to know that all my work is essentially done and I can relax now. Well not too much as I’ve got my dissertation and the ever present Christmas knitting to get done. I just finished the Hurricane Hat for Claudia tonight and have started the Russula Beret. But now I’m off to SUSCDF which should be a good evening. I did the walk through this afternoon and the only dance that has me really scared is the strange straspey with the pertonella turns which I never quite learned how to do.

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