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I’ve been in a sort of hibernation mood all week I think due to the release of stress after having taken my exam. Speaking of my exam I believe that it went quite well, I felt comfortable with the questions and I knew what I was writing about. I wrote an essay about thunderstorms which luckily had been on the other past paper so I really looked at that question depth. I also wrote an essay on the Hadley circulation which I don’t feel as confident about but I wrote what I knew which I hope will be enough. So exams done I can relax (a little) before classes start in two weeks. Though I still have dissertation stuff to deal with.

The archery team had a match against Aberdeen and Heriot Watt yesterday which wasn’t the best for us seeing as we haven’t shot since the middle of December. We came third but we all shot fairly respectably. I got 473 with 14 golds and 8 9’s. I’m quite proud of the number of golds I got, in one dozen half my arrows where 10’s. But during the last two dozen I started to get really tired and my shooting declined but still shooting fairly close to 500 with quite good accuracy after not shooting in quite some time is nice. I have three more chances, the H2H, BUCS and SUS indoors to try to beat my pb. The next big competition is BUTC in a few weeks but the qualifier is a Bray so that should be something new. In general archery hasn’t really one as well as I’d hoped this year. I think it’s been a combination of me being in charge, u having early and awkward match dates and most importantly not having a coach anymore. I had originally hoped to hit 540 this year but that’s not longer at this point going to happen, I would be happy at this point to hit 520 or beat my pb if not the former. I still have a chance I suppose it’s just frustrating at times.

I’m leaving tomorrow to spend a few days travelling, I’m going down to York to see the pantomime there with An and then going off to Bangor to check out the uni. I’m looking forward to York but sort of dreading Bangor, I’m going to stay with a girl I went to Indo with which is sort of awkward seeing as I don’t know her that well but I asked and she said I could sleep on her sofa. I’m probably not going to be able to tour the uni or anything but at least I can poke around and see if I can see myself spending a year there. From when I did the college search I do remember that there were some places that I just couldn’t see myself studying there.

On the knitting front I’m still plugging away with the jaywalkers. I finished the first sock on thursday. I was worried that I would run out of yarn which made me a bit reluctant to finish it. I hate knitting all the way to find out I don’t have enough and ripping back days worth of work, I’m such a product knitter that way. Anyhow I didn’t run out of yarn though I probably one had maybe two yards left. I’m very pleased with the look and feel of the pattern. I initially had some reservations about the yarn after what I’d seen on Ravelry but I really like it now and it’s fun to see new colours enter your knitting. As for taking pictures the weather has been so grey and horrible every since I got back so I haven’t had a chance to take any pictures. As soon as there’s a sunny day I’m going to go snap happy. Jane okayed the yarn and pattern for her commission so I’m going to have to order that all, I’m dithering over whether one ball will be enough or I should just buy two in case, I can always offer it for a trade over Ravelry if I don’t use the second ball. I’m gearing up for the Ravelympics as well getting what I’m going to knit and in what order all set. It should be fun I think.


I had a bit of a lazy day holed up in my room and didn’t manage to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I have been working on my jaywalker socks which is a project a long time in the works. I bought the yarn to make those way back in June and had hoped to finish them over the summer, alas I didn’t and I started them yesterday. There’s something really exciting about starting a project that you’ve been meaning to knit for a while or finally using yarn that you bought ages ago. I’m half an inch from finishing the leg of the first sock so I should finish that and move on to the heel flap tomorrow.

As I think I said earlier, I don’t really feel like there’s anything more that I can do to revise for my exam tomorrow afternoon. I might review some terms and think about it a little tomorrow. But right now I’m for my bed and I will actually be getting up for breakfast in the morning, something that hasn’t happened for a while.

After what has seemed like cloudy grey weather ever since I got back the sun is finally out. I’m going to take this rare opportunity to go take some pictures of recent knits so keep your eyes open for those.

My revision is good as always, the exam is tomorrow afternoon and at this point I don’t really know what else I can do except just keep going over stuff. I’m not going to bother learning mid-latitude climate because I know I can’t teach it to myself in a way that I’ll actually know it and I think if I know everything else well it won’t matter if I don’t know that. I’ll let you know how the whole thing goes. During my revision session yesterday which was also a bit of dissertation discussion and whingeing about the geography department my friend suggested that I use the Orielton data as my second data set. If I am allowed to us it, it would save em having to go out and collect data here, it would be around the same time that I collected my US data and would have a stronger analytical result because it’s the same body of water. Now just the scary part of emailing my supervisor (who I haven’t spoken to since September) to tell him what I’ve come up with and then the head of biology to ask if I can use the data.

Anyhow, it’s sunny out and that’s all that matters right now.

I had a slow start to my revision yesterday and had a lot of trouble dragging myself out of my room to get down to it. I also received the marks for one of my classes and it was not as good as I had hoped so that made a little blow to my confidence at this point. In reflection I’m fine with the mark that I got, on my wellie survey. Overall they said that my report was good but I left out some bits and truth be told the project was not very well conducted and I should have asked for more help in dealing with the issues that the results and conditions of the project. In the future I will try to ask for help more as it’s the only way I can really improve and it isn’t a weakness. So I’m okay with the grade, I didn’t try my best and it shows but that while unfortunate at this time can only be taken as a learning experience.

Anyhow I finally dragged myself out to town at about 6, walked to Beanscene only to find that I’d left my wallet with my money and my cash card back in my room. The thought of walking all the way back to get and then out again was almost too much (it’s a 10 minute walk one way) but luckily I ran into a friend who offered to lend me some money which I was sort of hoping would happen so I managed to have what felt to me a very productive revision session. I’ve covered alot of topics and feel comfortable with the majority of the concepts but I need to delve a bit more into the details so I can really bring it all together. I received the second text book today so I hope that it will help and I’m going to go to the library or Irvine and go print out some of the lecture slides for topics where my notes are horrendous. Overall I feel good about the whole thing.

Also I wore my Gretel yesterday, love that hat.

Yet more revising today. I had a bit of a block when it came to stability/instability which have actually just gotten smoothed out because I was under the impression that the rate of cooling of an uplifted air parcel was the ELR which it isn’t which now makes all the diagram make sense now. After my mother’s urging I purchased the textbook I should have bought the first time around with express shipping which means I should get it on Thursday. I’m a bit peeved with myself for having bought a wrong textbook in the first place but I thought that was the proper one to get, anyhow I will have all the tools for a good exam now, as long as I can really get down the revising. I think I should be good if I just take it one step at a time and really use all the supporting material to really understand everything.

In knitting news I took a little time out this evening to knit and I finished my Gretel. I really like it, it’s a gorgeous piece of knitwear and the yarn is luscious as anything. It’s quite a bit bigger than I thought it would be but i think that will be okay. I think I’m going to move on the Jaywalkers next as they’re an easily transportable project.

Revision continues. As I mentioned it’s mostly teaching myself rather than going over stuff that I know. The textbook I bought is great for the physics of everything but it lacks a bit in the down to earth explaining of the processes in a way that actually makes me understand them. I’ve found the textbook I do need in the library and I’ll head out after lunch and go collect one in the hopes of making things clearer. Maybe go print out the lecture slides as well. I did cloud formation yesterday and will do precipitation (the lecture I wasn’t at) and stability/instability today. I emailed the lecturer about past exam papers but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet, I hope he does because it would be nice to see a larger range of what type of questions he asks, the ones on the paper I do have all seem to be about storms and global convection. Anyho.

I had a nice evening in, watched St Andrews first quarter final on University Challenge, were beaten to a pulp by Manchester but they can still make it back, did some spinning and got a good night’s sleep. I had one of those mornings where my alarm woke me up just fine but I decided to close my eyes for a few minutes and woke up an hour and a half later and then seeing as I didn’t have a reason to get up I stayed in bed for another hour.

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