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My first week as a Masters student went very well, with a lot of work but quite a lot of fun along the way. It helps when you’re a complete science geek and the people around you are too.

I even managed to fit in a little bit of exercise. I went swimming last night with one of my housemates. It was good fun and good exercise but hard work, especially as I’m not that used to it. I’ll definitely go again. I hope I’ll be able to fit a run in this weekend.

In knitting news, the arch shaped socks are languishing on my desk, I haven’t done any knitting on those since I was waiting at London Euston two weeks ago. I will get cracking on those. I’ve also decided to knit Kristen Kapur’s mystery sock because it is fun and I have some sock yarn that doesn’t have a specific destination. I’m going to knit those two at a time so that I can stay abreast of the clues.

Now dinner and the pub.


I went for a nice short hike up Mt Battie on Sunday with my parents. It was a great hike, I would have happily done it again on Monday except that it rained and the rock faces would have been quick slippery. I logged on to dailymile today to put it in and it’s so depressing to see that I haven’t run for the last four weeks. I really need to get back out and do it, I’ve fallen so behind in C25K. My ankle isn’t bothering me anymore but I’m having a hard time motivating myself. I hope that I’m going swimming today so at least that will be some exercise and I’ll try for a run tomorrow evening.

Finally got those pictures taken. There’s really nice light at the moment even for taking pictures inside which is what I’m sort of forced to do at the moment. It’s nice to finally have pictures on my Ravelry project page rather than just the balls of yarn, pretty as they are. In other knitting news, my swallowtail is coming along though I messed up half a row in the budding lace repeat because I misread the pattern and did the wrong set up stitches, at least I know what I did and it hopefully shouldn’t show too much. Fingers crossed on that.

Annika has commissioned me do a hat for her, lucky for she has supplied the yarn and it’s The Icing Swirl Hat  from Whimsical Little Knits so I have the pattern too. I ordered needles the other day and they came today so I will start on that soon. From what I hear it’s a pretty quick knit so maybe a week or so, knitting at half speed that I usually do.

Other news, went running this morning. I’m on week 4 of c25k which is 3 minutes, walk for 90 sec then run for 5 minutes. I’m on the second day repeating the week because I was having trouble getting up to the full five minutes. I almost did it today, I only took one walking break and only 10-20 seconds at that in each five minute interval. I think I can push myself next time and do the whole five minutes. It’s nice to see myself make this sort of progress and know that if I keep at it I’ll be able to run longer and longer times. And then I can start trying for things like distance and pace. I’ve joined and have been keeping track not just of my running but also my daily walking and other exercise. It’s a really nice way to look at your fitness in general. Also it’s amazing that I walk about 2-5 miles just in an average day between walking back and forth between town.

I should probably go now and go into town and do some work on the dissertation. I’m not working as hard as I could, especially as I’m not of in a muddle at the moment about what to do about my Manorbier data. It’s all the totals for the stations when what I really need is the actually quadrat data. It just means that my sample size is really small and if I try to expand it by splitting up the totals it is just homogenizing a very heterogeneous environment and it won’t give me results that represent reality. I might go and ask Will on Monday, I hear tears work well.

Also need to do some revision of the personal statement and take it in for Monday, and email about references. Gosh, so much to do. I can do it, never fear.

Life has been a bit of a whirl wind over the past week or so. I started off by going down to Edinburgh for an archery meeting last Saturday, before which I also went for my second run of the program (but more on that later). I managed to go do a bit of yarn shopping before hand, I may have bought a bit more than I was expecting to but I’ll do a yarn dump in a little while when the yarn that is coming in the mail gets here. The meeting was great and I’m all buzzing with ideas for the club and ways that we can improve our program and competition placing. I zipped back home on the train right after to get here on time for my dance auditions, I was strongly encouraged to go though I wanted to as well and was accepted into the advanced class. Which I attended the next night. Three nights of intense dancing and two runs later I wake up monday morning (when I was supposed to do my third run) with a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat. I’ve been taking it easy and well stocked with zinc and vitamin C and Echinacea tea but I’m still stuffy. It’s really depressing because I don’t feel up to going running at all and I haven’t been fencing either because I’m scared it will just make me feel worse. My greatest fear as that having sort of put it off for now, despite it being a very good reason I won’t get back to the running or fencing. I’ll just have to be a bit more disciplined with myself.

I bought an old bicycle off a friend last year because lets face it I live a mile at least away from where I need to be very morning and I usually have to leave twenty minutes early if I want to make it even remotely on time to lectures, lets not even think about early. I’ve been terrified to ride it because of the whole other side of the road thing and the fact that the cars do really whizz along. Any how, I finally went and bought a pump because my wheels were a bit flat and I’ve been riding the last few days. It really is amazing how much quicker it makes it to get to class though I find that I don’t know how to get around now that I actually have to follow the roads and one ways. That and the fact that it uses slightly different muscles than walking, so I’m a bit sore after.

Now to the fun work bit. I have a nice semester in many ways, my lectures are over by mid November and most of my work is handed in or presented before than as well. Which mainly means the next few weeks will be hell before my nice lazy roll into the Christmas break. Currently I’m stressing because I have a presentation to give on my dissertation on Friday, a dissertation which I’ve barely looked at the data, much less input it all into a spread sheet (I’m in the process) I suppose I can get away with the most preliminary of stats especially as I will only be working with half of my data. And I’ve got a hand in for conservation due on friday, of I’m going to be busy tomorrow. It will be internet displacement time. That is whereby I make myself do work by removing myself from the corrupting influence of the internet. Joys.

At some point in the past few months I made plans to start running when I got back to uni this fall. It’s a great form of exercise that you can do just about anywhere and I’ve always said that I have bad ankles and that keeps me from being able to run. Well that’s just an excuse I figured. My friend Sarah found this site program c25k which builds you up over the course of 9 weeks to being able to run 5k. It’s designed for people who haven’t done any running before so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I bought running shoes right before coming over which were somewhat expensive so that was one motivation for me. Anyhow the weather just hasn’t been cooperating over the past few days and I finally got to go on my first run this morning. There is a link to podcasts on the site which essentially tell you when to walk and when to run and I really liked using them. It was harder than I thought it was going to be but it felt good when I was doing it and I’m really looking forward to going out again. It’s sort of like when I started playing the cello again back in second year, it felt so good to do it that I couldn’t get enough. I have two more runs to complete the first week which are the exact same as the one I did this morning and I hope/anticipate that they will get easier as I do them. It really makes me motivated and excited to go running again which seems like a really weird thing.

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