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I went for a nice short hike up Mt Battie on Sunday with my parents. It was a great hike, I would have happily done it again on Monday except that it rained and the rock faces would have been quick slippery. I logged on to dailymile today to put it in and it’s so depressing to see that I haven’t run for the last four weeks. I really need to get back out and do it, I’ve fallen so behind in C25K. My ankle isn’t bothering me anymore but I’m having a hard time motivating myself. I hope that I’m going swimming today so at least that will be some exercise and I’ll try for a run tomorrow evening.


So I had a good trip. York was great as it always is. The pantomime was really good, it’s the last week so the cast were really entertaining and up for making jokes. If you figure that you burn such and such number of calories for every fifteen minutes of laughing, then just seeing that show can be considered one of your weekly workouts. I really hope that I’m in a position to go see it again next year. I finally remembered this year to write a request for Ank. My first year I didn’t know how you did them until I saw the little box in the lobby of the theatre and then last year I completely forgot. I may have written it on the train down but she didn’t expect a thing and I think it was a nice surprise to get it read out at the end.

I was really nervous heading out to Bangor the next day mainly for all the reasons I’ve already written about. I managed to get a birthday card and some chocolate in York so at least I didn’t feel too bad about it. She came and met me at the train station and then introduced me to some friends and we had some dinner. Turns out she had down the huge 21st thing the night before as they’re actually already started the semester there. I went to her rehearsal which was nice but dragged on for ever and ended going back to her flat early and going to bed. She was very nice and even offered her bed as she was going to be late. I spent the next day wandering around. It seems nice enough, the town is definitely bigger in a sense than St Andrews but also quite distinct. It’s also not as beautiful as St Andrews but then very few places are. The train ride there from Chester however is gorgeous as you come around the coast past the mountains. I’ll probably have to go back at some point, see the School of Ocean Sciences, interview that sort of thing. I had a little break down on the way back as I’d been meaning to run into York to buy one of the little wooden mice that I like to buy as souvenirs and I had it planned out that the train out get in with enough time for me to run into town and be back again, however I messed up and didn’t double check my trains and ended up getting into York an hour later than I was hoping. The whole idea of going to Bangor has been sort of ups and downs for me and the fact that I’d messed up really hit me hard. But I got home in the end and that was almost worth it. I’m still trying to source a wooden mouse from somewhere. I’m almost considering asking on Ravelry.

getting up today was nice, my own bed and for once the sun was trying to peek out. I decided way back that I had to give my aborted attempts as running another try and I finally got around to restarting c25k this morning. The first interval I ran almost felt easy and I was surprised to feel like I hadn’t been running very long at all. By the end of the work out I was tired but that’s to be expected. I feel good about it and it felt great to be running again, especially as my last run was almost two months ago. I’m going to try to give it all it’s worth this time around.

Well that’s it for me, tomorrow I’ll talk about some archery and knitting news. Hopefully with pictures.

I can’t belive that I leave to go back to school tomorrow night. I’m not remotely near to being packed though I have everything I need. All I can do is hope that everything will fit in my suitcases, I have seemed to collect a bit more clothing than usual this year. I finally actually went clothes shopping and actually managed to find some tops that I liked so I’m good for that for the up coming year. I also managed to get myself an new pair of flats from Clarks and some running shoes, so that I actuall do ct5k.

Monday was my birthday and on Sunday night my brother and his girlfriend came down from Boston and we had a little party. It was very nice. The next day I went on a whale watch with my mother which I unfortunately have no pictures from because I forgot my camera at home. It was beautiful out and we got to see quite a few humpbacks.

PA190012 birthday roses

I had some more successfull days out at Beavertail where I hope I got enough data for the North American side of my dissertation. I lucked out majorly on the weather both days and got some calm days with relatively little seas.


I did say relatively. There were only a few time I had to scramble back to avoid getting wet, and evne then my feet got wet a few times. My shoes stink to high heaven from the salt water.

I neve finished the pair of socks for my dad, I tried but I only got to the end of the gusset decreases. It would hve only taken me about a day or two more so those will go bak across the Atlantic and I’ll send them home when I finish them at the end of next week (hopefully).

Tomorrow will be all packing and then it’s jetting off, it’s only a 6 hour flight so that’s nothing.

Being home is always a drag especially when it’s raining so I can’t even get out of the house to take a bike ride.  Hence the new blog 😉

I got my bike out of the shed yesterday for the first time since last August and went down the to library to take a look at their selection of knitting books. I was weak and gave in to me of telling myself to do what I always do and go down to Main Street to get ice cream. This may have been a blessing in disguise as either I’m used to better ice cream these days or Sweet n’ Crafty has gone down hill, I was quite disappointed in the chocolate peanut butter I tried which hopefully means I’ll steer clear in the future. A boone in my attempts to be healthier, get more exercise and hopefully lose some weight.

Along those lines, I have seemly suddenly become more coordinated and can actually swim now. I have always been able to swim but not properly in terms of doing strokes and so forth. But now that I seem to be able to, it’s actually quite enjoyable (and tireing) to go swimming with mum and do twenty laps seeing as I know it’s good exercise. I’m hoping I can drag mum away from her work enough to go again this afternoon.

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