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Pattern: Olympic Red Mittens by Rachel Bearse

Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Wool in Bright Red (8414) approx. 61 grams

Plymouth Yarns Homestead in 100 approx. 6 grams

Needles: 3.5 mm / US 4 and 4 mm / US 6

This is great pattern inspired by the red mittens sold during the Vancouver Olympics. Inspired by the spirit of the Olympics proceeds from the sale of the pattern goes to supporting a local swimming club that caters to children with disabilities and their siblings. This was my final Ravelympics project and knit a bit of it during my last trip to Bangor and while I didn’t quite finish them in the time frame of the Ravelympics I’m quite proud to have something to take away to remember both the Olympics and the Ravelympics by. Overall I’m very pleased, it was my first time doing stranding like this and my first pair of mittens. Overall mittens are easier than socks and I even did the kitchner along the tops with out looking it up (I was at a B&B in Wales) and they turned out amazing. The white of the contrast shows through in some places and the edges are pulled in but overall I’m quite proud. The only thing that upsets me is that I’ll have to wait so long to actually get to wear them.


So BUTC was amazing. I shot decently in the qualification round though I did have a miss due to my hand slipping at one point which was unfortunate. We were seeded 28th out of 32 meaning we weren’t last which was a team goal. We were matched against the 5th place team, Oxford for the first knock out. We were going to give it our all but really we didn’t have huge expectations of making it out of this round. Right out of the first round we were tied out of the first end 3 to 3. By the next end we were beating them 5 to 4 and people started to notice. There is something very odd and not to mention exhilarating about having your performance commentated on. At the end of the normal four ends we were tied 7-7 and it had to come down to a tie breaker. With everyone watching and our fellow Scottish unis cheering us on we managed to beat them by one hit. It was the most amazing and thrilling experience I’ve had in a while. Suffice to say we got knocked out by Imperial in the next round but we had a great BUTC and people might see St Andrews in a slightly different light in the future.

I started to watch the olympics yesterday, and indeed started to knit for the olympics as well. The opening ceremony was in my mind beautiful, simple and enchanting is how I felt about it. I really love the olympics, I always have. I grew up in a family where watching the games was a special occasion, that for as long as they were on, your life almost revolved around them, watching everything, cheering on the athletes in almost any sport from luge to curling. It sort of surprises me when I talk to people here and they hardly even know that they are going on. I’ll keep you posted about future exploits.

In terms of ravlympics, I’m well on track. I finished the BlueCap for WIP Dancing yesterday and I also started and completed the Thorpe for the Hat Halfpipe. I’ll cast on Gretel today which will compete for a number of events including the Hat Halfpipe, cable XC and the Single skein speed skate. I had originally only planned of 4 projects for the games but having already completed two of them I will try for two more, Calorimetry and the lovely Vancouver mittens.

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