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So I’ve been busy busy thanks to life as a postgrad. The last week and a half has been tied up with stats for the report due on the 1st which we’re all stressed like crazy about. We have been told that simple, clear and concise is the name of the game so I’m trying to keep from going to crazy. I have to print out my Primer stuff and run a few things through spss and I’ll be done and can begin figuring out what it all means and how I want to present my story.

The aborted boat trip was rescheduled for two weeks ago and we got so far as getting on the boat and filling out the emergency contact forms when we found out that due to the conditions we weren’t going to be able to go out. We did get to do a few grabs off the side of the boat just at the dock so now at least I can say I’ve done them and know how they work. We’re on for this weekend for a different trip and fingers crossed it will go as planned as we seem to be cursed and the weather isn’t looking that great.

I finished the arch socks and sent them off so I hope the recipient likes them, I do very much even though I should have finished them ages ago. The mystery socks are coming along. I’m a clue behind am just finishing up the leg now, I only have one more repeat of the tiny trowels to go before I can start the heel. I also have received a commission from one of my house mates to knit her sister who is doing a year abroad in Minnesota a pair of mittens. We settled on a pattern and I suggested some yarn so we’ll talk colours and price and then I can get on those.

Since I started running again two weeks ago I’ve stuck to it and am progressing nicely. I’ve decided to run week 4 again to fully feel comfortable with 5 minutes. I think I can push myself to do it. I also bought a running vest as I wanted something to cut the wind a bit but not be too heavy. It’s great and I really like it.


Last week wasn’t the most productive in terms of the dissertation but I did manage to find and read a few papers that have helped me towards what I’m hoping will be what I’m really getting at. I got quite a lot done today though, all 155 shannon index calculations though I’m trying to get my data normal which isn’t very easy. Hopefully I can get an earlier start tomorrow.

I worked on my personal statement over the weekend with my parents’ help and I’m much happier with it, I think it comes across much more interesting now than before and I managed to put a little humor and passion in too. I’ll take it along to the careers centre tomorrow and see what they think. Then just email my references and I can start to get applications out.

That’s about it for now. I haven’t been running for a week, rain then a cold now more rain and so much work. Hopefully I can get one in soon I miss it and it does make me feel good about myself when I do it. Also not much knitting going on at the moment. I’m on the last two repeats of the budding lace pattern and then it’s nupp time which is a bit daunting. Maybe will get some of that done this week. Now I should go to bed, the time change yesterday has sort of gotten to me, doesn’t feel as late as it is.

If I thought life was crazy before, it’s even crazier now. I’ve been run off my feet today, not running from one place to another for about 40 minutes tops and that was between engagements. I started out with two hours out by the beach for a field practical which was simply freezing, it didn’t help that I hadn’t really realized just how windy it was out. By the end of the exercise, my hands where blue. I then headed back to help someone with their stats until 2, though she did give me chocolate for helping and it’s good for me to go over things again, in my mind at least. Then it was back to my room to get ready for archery. Archery until 5, I managed to shoot a half Portsmouth, only 237 which isn’t very good but I’m just getting back to form, so it’s not that bad,¬†will just have to do better next time. Then ran into town for a meeting about PhDs which was very instructive and it seems that I might be able to get home fee classification afterall, makes me rethink New Zealand a little bit. Then ran over to the expand meeting, which I actually missed, but I’m not actually that bothered, I’m not sure if I even really want to do it this summer. Then back to Melville to get changed for Catherine’s dinner. Had a very nice time, it was good to see everyone even if Sally didn’t show which was sad as I really wanted to see her/give her her birthday card.

Anyhow, I have another action packed day tomorrow. To tell the truth, I enjoy the business though it makes it hard to do anything else, at least I’m not feeling as depressed as I did last week.

I spent my day herePA140031

doing some SCIENCE


with my trusty quadrat.

Here I am in the mists of counting periwinkles


and then the waves came


though I managed to stay dry for most of the time.

Overall it was a successful day. I forgot that the eastern US measures tides in feet while the UK measures them in meters, quite a difference there in how low you can get on the shore. Even so I saw some interesting stuff that already is seeming to prove my hypothesis about there being more algae on US coasts. I’ll head back down to Beavertail next week when there’s a very low tide and see if I can get farther down. Otherwise I’m off to Sandwich tomorrow for some more. The tides are not ideal, I’ll be working from low to high but I”ll take what I can get.


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