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I have been horribly lazy lately about taking pictures of my completed projects. I’ve got my Leyburns (finished over a month ago no less), my Ishbel (unblocked as well), and a newly completed Icing Swirl Hat all languishing waiting to be prepped and prettied for photo fun. I also hit Webs today (amazing amazing amazing) so I have a ton of yarn to photograph as well, not to mention some other new yarn which didn’t get very good pictures in the last round. It hasn’t helped that it’s been raining since Sunday so I haven’t been able to get outside for any pictures.

In other knitting news, apart from the load of yarn I got at Webs I’m ploughing ahead on the Arch Shaped socks for my boss. I opted for the ribbed foot and am slightly winging it based on pictures of other people’s socks as the pattern isn’t written for it. It’s sort of fun and I really like the pattern, I’ll definitely knit myself a pair in the future.

However in other news, since my last post about laziness I have been swimming twice and went running. Unfortunately the running came right before the rain so I haven’t been able to go since. So a little less laziness on that front for once.


In April I completed this:

50 grams about 51 yards of grey Shetland wool.

And then bought this:

100 grams of Blue Faced Leicester

My goal is to finish spinning all of it before I leave for Wales in a month’s time.

I finished up at the summer camp I work at today. I will get to leave tomorrow morning and indulge in some much needed rest and relaxation with a few bouts of knitting and yarn excursions to such places as Webs in western Mass and Halcyon in Bath, Maine. One thing I love about Maine are that there are so many yarn shops. I might also pop into the little one in Camden as well just for the hell of it.

On the knitting blocks is:

Icing Swirl Hat – 10 in 2010

Arch shaped socks for my boss

Selbu Modern – 10 in 2010

Brainless – 10 in 2010

Kiila for my mom for Christmas/ 10 in 2010

That’s the big list right now though the order will probably changed, especially as there are so many socks on there at the moment.

My boss asked me to knit her a pair of socks after she saw the Leyburns I knitted last month (pictures and info soon), she said she’d pay for the yarn and as she is my boss I took the deal. As I finished my Ishbel last night I started to brainstorm a pattern and yarn for her. She’s sort of funky but also a very conservative dresser and outdoorsy person. I settled on the Arch-shaped socks that I’ve looked at for a while, I’ll probably knit it with the mods for more ribbing. I thought it would look nice in some Malabrigo Sock with that subtle variation in colour that I love. So I go to the Webs site and find some really nice Araucania Wool/Silk/Bamboo for about the same price. Then I found some other really beautiful yarns discounted (I love Webs) but I managed to restrain myself as I am going to go to the brick and mortar store once I get home. I did get some Rancho discounted in green as I don’t have a green pair of socks yet.

I finished spinning the grey shetland I got last November today. Did the last few grams of the singles and the plying all this afternoon. I found a good youtube video that showed me how to ply so that that the final out come actually looks like real yarn. I’m pretty proud of it, it’s about 51 yards by my calculations. I’ve soaked it and it’s currently hanging to dry. I’ve already ordered some BFL in humbug for my next spinning adventure.

The dissertation continues. Today wasn’t so great production wise, I am on to my introduction, the actual hard part. Did a lot of thinking if not a lot of writing and should be able to get on to it all tomorrow.

I’ve been doing the usual at home busy-ness. Already been the dentist (cavity am going back on monday to get it filled), doctor (twice, one more visit to go), etc. I have finally tracked down yarn for my mother’s Christmas hat. The shop in town was closed yesterday so I had to try a new one. The first one I tried was closed and seems to be actually closed down, which would be sad. The second one had a good selection and the woman there was very helpful when I explained what I needed. I ended up getting Ella Rae Jaspe Wool. There were only two balls left one of a blue-green and the other of a purple/red/green/navy which is very pretty so I grabbed them both. I’ll find something to make out of it. I have photographed the yarn so I will cast on tonight when I have some free time. There is almost no way that I will finish it before Christmas but that will have to be alright. I”m also finally blocking the opus hat so that should be done tomorrow and I can take pictures of it before Christmas day. I did the thing where you roll it in towels and press the water out, it really works, I’ll have to do that for other projects.

In other news I went to see Mama Mia in Boston last night and it was fabulous. I really enjoyed it. As much as I love the movie, seeing the musical has something very special about it, something that really touches you when you’re there. The actress who played Rosie was also really really good and got the biggest applause at the end.

Now I need to go help my mother cook.

So as predicted I ran out of yarn on my beret BlueCap. My gauge was a little off so I think I just used more yarn than normal. Anyhow I’m about 3/4 of the way done but I won’t be able to get any more yarn until January when I have my credit card sorted out. I feel bad that I can’t finish it before Christmas. Anyhow with that on the back burner I’ve cast on the Odessa which I’m knitting with the left over Debbie Bliss from the dress. It is coming along nicely, I really like the pattern and lets just hope that I don’t run out of yarn on this one too. As it’s just a regular toque type hat I think I should be fine, none of my other’s have used more that 50 grams and I have that and a little extra.

So I was bad and stopped by the yarn shop when I went into town to get water. They’re moving so there’s a massive sale on and it’s really good deals on nice yarn. So I was just browsing and came across some really nice cashmere and silk fingering which I could so see as a lovely shawl any how it was more expensive than I had money for at the time (though I am debating going back, it was lovely) so I settled for some orangey Rowan Natural Silk Aran which was so bad of me. I don’t need any more yarn and yet I still keep buying it! No 4 ply even if it is lovely 50% off cashmere and silk!

In other news I just got back from the pub with some friends for someone’s 18th birthday. It has been rocky at times this year in hall but I finally feel that I’ve met a good group of people who I feel comfortable with and can to some extent open up to. It’s a nice feeling.

Life has been a bit of a whirl wind over the past week or so. I started off by going down to Edinburgh for an archery meeting last Saturday, before which I also went for my second run of the program (but more on that later). I managed to go do a bit of yarn shopping before hand, I may have bought a bit more than I was expecting to but I’ll do a yarn dump in a little while when the yarn that is coming in the mail gets here. The meeting was great and I’m all buzzing with ideas for the club and ways that we can improve our program and competition placing. I zipped back home on the train right after to get here on time for my dance auditions, I was strongly encouraged to go though I wanted to as well and was accepted into the advanced class. Which I attended the next night. Three nights of intense dancing and two runs later I wake up monday morning (when I was supposed to do my third run) with a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat. I’ve been taking it easy and well stocked with zinc and vitamin C and Echinacea tea but I’m still stuffy. It’s really depressing because I don’t feel up to going running at all and I haven’t been fencing either because I’m scared it will just make me feel worse. My greatest fear as that having sort of put it off for now, despite it being a very good reason I won’t get back to the running or fencing. I’ll just have to be a bit more disciplined with myself.

I bought an old bicycle off a friend last year because lets face it I live a mile at least away from where I need to be very morning and I usually have to leave twenty minutes early if I want to make it even remotely on time to lectures, lets not even think about early. I’ve been terrified to ride it because of the whole other side of the road thing and the fact that the cars do really whizz along. Any how, I finally went and bought a pump because my wheels were a bit flat and I’ve been riding the last few days. It really is amazing how much quicker it makes it to get to class though I find that I don’t know how to get around now that I actually have to follow the roads and one ways. That and the fact that it uses slightly different muscles than walking, so I’m a bit sore after.

Now to the fun work bit. I have a nice semester in many ways, my lectures are over by mid November and most of my work is handed in or presented before than as well. Which mainly means the next few weeks will be hell before my nice lazy roll into the Christmas break. Currently I’m stressing because I have a presentation to give on my dissertation on Friday, a dissertation which I’ve barely looked at the data, much less input it all into a spread sheet (I’m in the process) I suppose I can get away with the most preliminary of stats especially as I will only be working with half of my data. And I’ve got a hand in for conservation due on friday, of I’m going to be busy tomorrow. It will be internet displacement time. That is whereby I make myself do work by removing myself from the corrupting influence of the internet. Joys.

Look what came in the post today

It’s the yarn from the swap I did with SpinSpanSpun over at ravelry.

90 yards of silk merino dk handspun handdyed deliciousness. I have no idea what I’m going to do with this as it’s not a huge amount of yarn. It’s on the light side of DK, probably closer to sport weight than anything else, so I might go with some wristwarmers of some such.

I was impressed with the quality of the yarn so I went to check out her etsy shop. The majority of her yarn is too expensive for my wallet (but it would be worth it if I did want to splurge). Though I did buy about a pound of bulky traditional french wool that she was destashing. I’m not sure about the yardage on it but approximately 500 grams of bulky wool for 20 bucks is a steal. I’ve tried to extrapolate what I think the yardage will be based on other bulky wool, I’ve got everywhere between 500-800 yards so I’ll just have to see when I get it. Either way, it will make something nice. Maybe my first cardigan or vest.

And another picture of the gorgeousness

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