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I have been horribly lazy lately about taking pictures of my completed projects. I’ve got my Leyburns (finished over a month ago no less), my Ishbel (unblocked as well), and a newly completed Icing Swirl Hat all languishing waiting to be prepped and prettied for photo fun. I also hit Webs today (amazing amazing amazing) so I have a ton of yarn to photograph as well, not to mention some other new yarn which didn’t get very good pictures in the last round. It hasn’t helped that it’s been raining since Sunday so I haven’t been able to get outside for any pictures.

In other knitting news, apart from the load of yarn I got at Webs I’m ploughing ahead on the Arch Shaped socks for my boss. I opted for the ribbed foot and am slightly winging it based on pictures of other people’s socks as the pattern isn’t written for it. It’s sort of fun and I really like the pattern, I’ll definitely knit myself a pair in the future.

However in other news, since my last post about laziness I have been swimming twice and went running. Unfortunately the running came right before the rain so I haven’t been able to go since. So a little less laziness on that front for once.


I went for a nice short hike up Mt Battie on Sunday with my parents. It was a great hike, I would have happily done it again on Monday except that it rained and the rock faces would have been quick slippery. I logged on to dailymile today to put it in and it’s so depressing to see that I haven’t run for the last four weeks. I really need to get back out and do it, I’ve fallen so behind in C25K. My ankle isn’t bothering me anymore but I’m having a hard time motivating myself. I hope that I’m going swimming today so at least that will be some exercise and I’ll try for a run tomorrow evening.

In April I completed this:

50 grams about 51 yards of grey Shetland wool.

And then bought this:

100 grams of Blue Faced Leicester

My goal is to finish spinning all of it before I leave for Wales in a month’s time.

I finished up at the summer camp I work at today. I will get to leave tomorrow morning and indulge in some much needed rest and relaxation with a few bouts of knitting and yarn excursions to such places as Webs in western Mass and Halcyon in Bath, Maine. One thing I love about Maine are that there are so many yarn shops. I might also pop into the little one in Camden as well just for the hell of it.

On the knitting blocks is:

Icing Swirl Hat – 10 in 2010

Arch shaped socks for my boss

Selbu Modern – 10 in 2010

Brainless – 10 in 2010

Kiila for my mom for Christmas/ 10 in 2010

That’s the big list right now though the order will probably changed, especially as there are so many socks on there at the moment.

My boss asked me to knit her a pair of socks after she saw the Leyburns I knitted last month (pictures and info soon), she said she’d pay for the yarn and as she is my boss I took the deal. As I finished my Ishbel last night I started to brainstorm a pattern and yarn for her. She’s sort of funky but also a very conservative dresser and outdoorsy person. I settled on the Arch-shaped socks that I’ve looked at for a while, I’ll probably knit it with the mods for more ribbing. I thought it would look nice in some Malabrigo Sock with that subtle variation in colour that I love. So I go to the Webs site and find some really nice Araucania Wool/Silk/Bamboo for about the same price. Then I found some other really beautiful yarns discounted (I love Webs) but I managed to restrain myself as I am going to go to the brick and mortar store once I get home. I did get some Rancho discounted in green as I don’t have a green pair of socks yet.

Today is the two year anniversary of my joining Ravelry. In many ways it also represents my involvement in knitting as to me Ravelry equals knitting. Knitting has become in the intervening time a major part of my life, I joke that yarn has become my vice and knitting my addiction, though that isn’t too far off the truth. It’s something I take great pleasure and joy out of, and it’s one of the few thingsĀ  that I have found which I am just naturally good at. Being a part of knitting and of Ravelry has also opened up a number of doors for friendships and connections which I would have never had before from my KnitSoc friends to my lovely fiber pen pals. The chance in the future to make connections at knitting events makes me feel like I’m part of one big knitting family. So if you knit and you’ve never heard of Ravelry head over to and give it a try because it’s pretty amazing.

To mark this occasion I decided to finish my Ishbel so in a last push while finally watching Strike Back I finished tonight, and it’s lovely. Future posts on that.

I’m going next week!

What with finally having some money in my bank account next week I’ve decided to splurge and get these:

Which I’ve had my eye on for years. And because of that I’ll have to knit these:

My current project since I finished the Leyburn socks last month (which took entirely too long to finish) is turning this:

J.C. Rennie Supersoft Cashmere

Into this:

LyndaLee’s beautiful Ishbel for illustration purposes

I’ve finished the stockinette and ABA sections. The sections go pretty fast so I have faith that I should finish it up soon. It’s actually a pretty quick knit and the lace repeats are pretty easy to remember.

Bunches of Grapes

Pattern: Emerald Fingerless Mittens by Lucy Sweetland

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in Grape (13) approx. 58 grams

Needles: 3.5 mm/ US 4

I’ve been planning to knit these mitts for a long time they got set back a few times but I finally finished them in June. The bobble pattern was surprisingly easy. I changed the top ribbing to 2×2 as I prefer that. I also used a stretchy bind off which turned out to be a bit too stretchy so they don’t close around my fingers that snugly. They are also a bit too loose around my wrists, if I knit them again I would go for a tighter gauge than recommended to account for this. Overall a good use of leftover yarn, I enjoyed the bobbles and the fact that it was a quick knit.

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